Odessa, TEXAS (ABC Big 2/Fox 24) – Investigators say 56-year-old Sammy Jones was probably killed during daylight hours. Odessa Police think somebody had to have seen something last March, but that nobody has shared information yet that could help solve his murder. Those familiar with the case say Sammy Jones was known to many Odessans.

“When we posted on our social media platform the first time, we had a lot of people come on and comment that they had some kind of contact with Sammy throughout their life, and what a nice man he was,” says Odessa Crime Stoppers CEO Susan Rogers.

Odessa Police say a customer at a convenience store near 10th and Dixie called them about a man in a nearby alley.

“We did respond to a medical call. After we received the autopsy results, it was later determined to be a homicide. It was later believed that he had been stabbed,” says Odessa Public Information Officer Cpl. Steve LeSueur.  

Those involved in his case say they are working hard to find answers.

“It’s just important that we take care of everybody, and even in the situation that he was in, his life mattered. It mattered to somebody, it matters to us,” says Rogers.

 Jones did not have permanent housing, but investigators and Crime Stoppers say the area he was found was where he typically would be. They’re hoping somebody may have seen him the day he died, or that somebody may have been in the neighborhood around that time.

“Everybody has family somewhere, and Sammy’s family has reached out to us. He’s got family that needs some closure. They need to know what  happened, and most importantly, whoever did this needs to pay the price for doing that. They took a human life,” says Rogers.  

There was a person of interest in the case, but police don’t think that person was responsible in Jones’s death. That was the only lead they had.

“We really have nothing else to go on this case,” says Cpl. LeSueur.

That’s why it’s critical for somebody to speak up they saw anything that may help the case. If you have any information about Sammy Jones’s death, call Odessa Crime Stoppers. Rogers says if your tip leads to an arrest in this case, you could get a cash reward of one thousand dollars .