Midland, TEXAS (ABC Big 2/FOX 24) – After 13 years, a local family finally has some answers in their loved one’s death. Police found a tip to solve the cold case after we reached out to them for information.

Justice may have been delayed, but the family of 27-year-old Dustin Davidson got a phone call on Tuesday that changed their lives.

“It’s probably one of the most rewarding cases, one of the most rewarding calls I’ve been able to make. The parents expressed their gratitude first of all, and they said that they thought this is a case that they would never get solved, and they would never get the answers to,” says Midland Police Officer Kevin Haveman.

Midland Police say in 2007, Davidson was riding a motorcycle on the 2300 block of Whitmire Boulevard, when witnesses said a man driving a gray Chevrolet pickup truck hit him and left. The case wasn’t solved for years until we asked about.

“This past February, we received information, or a request from the news to do an investigation, in reference to a cold case. At which point, this case was brought up, and it was brought to my attention. I began to look into the case a little bit, and was able to detirmine there was a Crime Stoppers tip,” says Officer Haveman.

The tip led police to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Middleton Unit near Abilene.

“I went and spoke with the suspect. After the interview was completed, he did admit to being the driver in the hit and run crash,” says Officer Haveman.

Midland Police say 41-year-old Raymond Dale Click told officers he was too scared to come forward at the time. The department tells us they will likely charge Click with manslaughter, and an accident involving death. He could be facing up to 20 years. A Crime Stoppers board member encoruaged people to share what they know, because any infomation has the chance to help victims’ families.

“We keep all homicide and cold case tips indefinitely. So we hare happy that a tip was able to assist in their investigation, as well as bring closure to a family,” says Midland Crime Stoppers President Mike Beggs.