Monahans, TEXAS (ABC Big 2) – Chris Sanders has been missing since August 2017, when police say he walked off from his RV.

“You wonder if he’s eating, You wonder if he’s cold, you just wonder,” says Chris Sanders’s mom Sandy Sanders.

She says she wants answers.

” When we got the initial call, we were told that he had walked away voluntarily from his trailer. Yes, with the interstate being right there across, and there’s trucks, he could have hitchhiked, got away somehow, not necessarily continued walking. There’s many options,” says Monahans Police Captain Kristofer Quintana.

But Sanders’s mother say that’s not possible.

” Chris wouldn’t just walk, and not let somebody know something. So there’s something more going on than he just went for a walk and decided not to come home. Yes he can walk if he wants to, but my son wouldn’t do that,” says Sandy Sanders.

Sanders says her son was a truck driver for 20 years, then had jobs on and off before he came to Monahans.

” He jumped on it, to go out there. Because I mean the money was supposedly good at the time,” says Sanders.

According to the police report, Sander’s wife Angela said she last talked to Chris on Saturday August 12, 2017. She said he had been missing since August 13. On Tuesday August 15, police say they went to the trailer Chris was staying at and did a welfare check.

“We checked the trailer, didn’t find him. Started asking the neighboring trailer house owners if they had seen him. A witness came forward and said, ‘Yeah, we saw him walking east, away from his trailer. So officers went around the area to try and locate him, and were unable to locate him,” says Captain Quintana.

The officers who completed the check said they did not see any signs of foul play. Police say there was a glimmer of hope in 2020.

“We did receive a tip last year that he was last seen on I-20, possibly matched his description. Once we were able to get law enforcement out there, the individual that we did locate was not him,” says Captain Quintana.

Sandy Sanders says she has felt frustrated that the case has not moved forward.

“At times I feel powerless but I have to keep going…I mean Monahans, Ward County–have not done anything,” says Sanders.

Monahans PD says they have not given up.

” The only time this case will be closed, is when we find Mister Sanders,” says Captain Quintana.

Chris Sanders is five foot 9 with blond hair and blue eyes. He goes by the name nickname “dog.” He was 40-years-old at the time he went missing, and he may be in need of medical care. His mother asks that anybody who knows something speak up, because she can’t stand the wait.

” I need that closure. I need to know if he is alive or he is not. But not knowing, it drives you crazy,” says Sanders.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Chris Sanders, call the Monahans Police Department.