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MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – If you ask Ana Garcia what she loved most about her late brother, Raul Garcia, she would say his kindness, generosity, and his caring persona.

“If you needed help you wouldn’t know that he helped you but he would help. He was Santa Claus let’s put it that way. He was always helping but it was secretly nobody knew,” she said.

Ana said August 31st was just like any other day, her brother was working and she at home with her kids. When she got the call that would forever change her family’s lives.

With a passion for truck driving, Raul was always on the road and making sure everyone he loved was taken care of and August 31, 2019, was no different.

From El Paso, Raul was on his way back home when he was shot while driving on I-20. Once his family got the call, they immediately got in the car and made the 3-hour drive to Raul.

Ana said, “of course, we had hope we didn’t know we didn’t know that he was fighting for his life. We didn’t know that he was ready to go already. As soon as we got there, he heard my mom’s voice and he was gone. He was just waiting for my mom.”

Holding back tears, she said she will never forget the cries from her mother as she pleaded for more time with her son.

“‘He’s a good man, please don’t take my son, please don’t take my son’ that’s all my mom was saying the whole three hours,” she recalled.

While she finds peace knowing her brother is no longer in pain, she is still left with so many questions and is working on her journey to forgiveness.

“I do say why him? Why my brother? But if I say it I’m pretty sure all the other family members, all the other people that lost their relatives say the same thing. It was just someone who needed help and didn’t get it in time,” said Ana.

She said is grateful for the time she and her kids had with her brother and will always remember how special he made her feel.

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March 18 2021 03:00 pm