January 01 2024 12:00 am
Wellsite Navigator

Find that Well!

“Lose your way, lose your job.” In today’s tougher oilfield job market, employers are looking for drivers who know where to find every wellsite fast and how to get there safely and reliably. With all the layoffs, fewer people are working more wellsites every day, which makes finding all those wellsites harder than ever. Productivity is essential for success in 2020. 

There is one tool that every successful oilfield worker has in his or her pocket, and it’s not a compass. Wellsite Navigator is the most widely used oilfield mobile app in America. Over 60,000 oilfield workers across 22 U.S. states use it, more than half of them in the Permian Basin. Wellsite Navigator is the one essential tool for oilfield work for good reason, and the numbers prove it.

There are more than 400,000 active oil, gas and disposal wells in the Permian Basin, and most of them don’t have a street address, or even a street. Pumpers, crude haulers, water haulers, and every other kind of oilfield job requires navigating miles of nameless dirt and gravel lease roads to find the right dot from nearly half a million dots in the 100,000 square-mile Permian Basin, an area bigger than nine U.S. states combined. 

You’re not going to hit that bullseye with your head down in chicken scratch on a notepad or a crumpled map. Even traditional GPS programs fail for oilfield work — they take you to the dead-end off the highway where you can see your well – but it’s on the other side of a chain-link fence with no gate. Turns out the gate is ten miles around the other side of the ranch, at the next exit. That’s one less job you finish today. 

Ever since 2012, Wellsite Navigator has been helping oilfield workers across the United States to find and navigate to over one million oil, gas and disposal wells, with new wells added and old wells updated every month.  

Recently, the Wellsite Navigator team in Houston released a total redesign of the app, adding the top requested features from years of user feedback. Wellsite Navigator now shows all nearby wells and disposals, wherever you are; lets you create well entrance locations; organizes your favorites into folders and switches to a dark mode for nighttime driving. Users also get cloud profiles to share wells between devices and between drivers at the same company.

Wellsite Navigator now updates its satellite imagery of the whole U.S. every five days, so you can see and navigate the newest dirt and gravel lease roads that can take years to show up in Google Maps. 

Bret Evins, a well inspector, wrote this typical review online: “I have been using this app for 2+ years on both Android and iOS. The support team is very responsive and brings fixes promptly. I was issued a Garmin from my employer with custom POIs for navigating to well and facility inspections. The Garmin now remains unused. This app far exceeds the capabilities of the customized Garmin. I can even set pins for gates or entrances on access roads that are many miles long! Thanks Wellsite Navigator! You’ve become the Standard Bearer in my opinion!”

Almost every one of the 60,000-plus subscribers to Wellsite Navigator heard about it from a friend like Bret. That’s how it became the one must-have app for oilfield work, the one tool in every pocket.

Wellsite Navigator is available for both iOS and Android, with a 7-day free trial. Find that well! 

Wellsite Navigator also offers enterprise licensing and dispatching tools so companies can manage their whole fleets for less than $10 per month per driver.

About Wellsite Navigator, LLC: Based in Houston, Texas, Wellsite Navigator is the most trusted and widely-used oilfield app of all time. The company has been helping oilfield professionals search, map and navigate to wellsites since 2012. For more information, please visit www.wellsitenavigator.com.

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