Got Saturday plans in the Basin? Well here’s how the weather is going to be today

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Happy Saturday morning West Texans! The weekend has arrived and I know many community members have made plans on enjoying it, mostly outdoor plans. But with the amount of rainfall we’ve seen this week, what does that mean for our Saturday?

For a recap, this entire week has been a rainy one for the Permian Basin. Many had to hold on to their rain gear such as raincoats and rainboots just to get through the day.

The Basin even saw flooding, because of the heavy rainfall. The scattered thunderstorms this week produced gusty winds, lighting, very small amounts of hail, and loud thunderclaps.

Even though the rain did enter the Basin, we still managed to have toasty temperatures ranging in the low to mid-90s throughout the day. And as the sun went down we saw temperatures in the lower 70s.

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