Before the Los Angles Rams and the New England Patriots face off in Super Bowl LIII, they had to face the media Monday night. 

Pretty much anything goes at the annual event, producing noteworthy answers and memorable moments, like eating a cricket.

Reporter: How was the cricket?

Joe Thuney, Patriots guard: Kind of crunchy and salty and smoky.

Ethan Westbrooks, Rams defensive end said, after sampling one of the unique treats, “That’s probably, you know, the wildest thing I ever ate.”

Media Day has become a place where off-the-wall questions are the norm, giving the players a chance to show the media and their fans an entirely new side of them, including their dance moves and red carpet poses. Ted Karras, Patriots center, didn’t necessarily have any signature moves, but says he’s a good slow dancer. 

Even with all the fun, there is time to be serious. After all, this is a dream many of these players have had since they first picked up a football. As Brian Allen, Rams center, told reporters Monday night, “Since you’ve been a little kid you’ve always dreamed of playing the NFL and as you get older, you want to play varsity football and then a big college, and then you’re in the NFL and having a chance to play in the Super Bowl is pretty special.”