Following Jrue Holiday’s hectic offseason that saw him traded first from the Bucks to the Blazers, and then subsequently from Portland to the Celtics, his wife Lauren shared a message on Instagram highlighting the human element of players being traded. 

Lauren revealed that Jrue discovered he was being traded after waking up from a nap, having had received no prior indication that he could potentially be offloaded by the franchise.

While fans clamor over the latest transactional news, Lauren discussed in her message the impact the trade had on their family, who had a deep connection to Milwaukee. 

“I’m not sharing this to say we are entitled to anything. I’m sharing this to say we are human beings whose kids develop friendships with other kids in our community, we are people who value family and friendships and invest in the cities we play in,” Holiday wrote.

“So, yes, this is more than business. Not because we’re offended by it but, because we are people, we’re humans, we have relationships, dreams, and a connection to where we play.”

Lauren expressed her excitement over their family’s next chapter in Boston, though she maintained that the business aspect of the trades is something she wishes could be handled differently. 

“Imagine a world where we didn’t hide behind the business of things, where we didn’t treat one another like commodities, instead we saw each other as valuable pieces of a human community meant to serve another in a mosaic of ways,” she wrote. 

The Celtics will be Holiday’s fourth stop in the NBA, having previously played for the 76ers, Pelicans, and Bucks.