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The Dallas Cowboys are just hours away from their flight to Honolulu, Hawaii where they’ll take on the Los Angeles Rams in the second preseason game.

Nick James reports from the last few days of training camp in Oxnard, California…

Nick James: “Dallas Cowboys 2019 training camp rounding out quite nicely in Oxnard, California cowboys all set to take off to Honolulu, Hawaii to take on the la rams on Saturday. Robert QUINN addresses his injury that he suffered in practice and also we caught up with Antwaun woods and Michael Gallup as well.

Robert QUINN: “this just life this is nothing I been through a lot worse than a messed up hand a couple games this is just life you deal with them deal with the adversity it makes you weaker or stronger that’s just how we deal with.

Antwaun Woods: “I’m pretty sure we are going for a business trip so we are going to focus on the rams focus on the game but it’s going to be nice to get some island vibes.

Reporter: “how’s it been out here in Oxnard everyone giving you guys love obviously America’s Team getting a lot of love everywhere you go.

Antwaun Woods: ”that’s just how cowboy nation is no matter where your at no matter where we go we always get a lot of love from them whether we are in Oxnard or Texas always the same love.

Nick James: “speaking of love the offense is hoping they can light up the scoreboard all season long.”

Michael Gallup: “I think we can be one of the best to do it we just have to make sure we get everybody here and get them on the field and get to work because we have a lot of explosive players and if we put them in the right spots and do what we supposed to do I think we can be pretty good.” Try the pineapple always go to Hawaii you have to have some pineapple.”

Nick James standup: “cowboys will wrap up there final practice tomorrow here in Oxnard, California before heading out to Hawaii on Thursday before playing the rams on Saturday in Honolulu, Hawaii coming to you from Oxnard, California at cowboys training camp
I’m nick James.”

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