ODESSA, TX (KPEJ/KMID) – Zachary Carter, an adaptive athlete, is headed to Thailand to represent the United States at the World Ability Sport Games. Carter was one of 22 athletes selected to represent the country in December.

At 19 years old, Carter is not only prepared to represent his country at the games, but he’ll also be representing Monahans as well. Carter is currently a student athlete at the University of Alabama. He says that he’s felt the support from all over, from his parents to those at his school and those in his hometown.

“I poured everything I had into this sport, and I feel like it finally paid off. I’ve competed all over the country, but I’ve never competed against anyone outside of the US so that’s going to be a crazy experience.”

As young as Carter is he says he’s always wanted to be a role model to those who share his challenges. He explains that it doesn’t matter what difficulties you have, that you can do anything anybody else does, it just might look a little different.

The team leaves for Thailand in late November and will compete from December first to the ninth.