MONAHANS, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – Could history repeat itself for the Monahans Loboes? Back in 1948, when the Loboes were a part of Class 1A, they shocked their district and their class, as they finished undefeated with a state championship trophy high above their heads.

As of week 11 of the 2023 high school football regular season, this year’s Loboes are having very similar, immense success.

Now 75 years later, the only living member from the 1948 team spoke with ABC Big 2 about what that season meant to him, his teammates and the town of Monahans as a whole.

“We never dreamed of it, really, but we accepted it I guess,” Doyle Farmer, member of the 1948 State Champion team, said.

It was a Christmas miracle. On Dec. 25th, 1948, Monahans capped their undefeated season with the program’s first-ever state title. He said it still feels like yesterday that he and his teammates made history, as he sat next to the revered trophy.

“It looks like it’s aging about like I am,” Farmer laughed. “70-something years and it’s still a great feeling.”

At 92 years young, Farmer can still recall the feelings from the incredible team accomplishment, especially the cold weather they weren’t used to.

“Cold, wet, ice was falling on the field, sleet and it was aggravating,” he laughed. “But the excitement kind of softened the blow and it was a fine day!”

In 15 games that season, the Loboes outscored their opponents 385 to 89, which, to Farmer, is nothing compared to the high-powered offense of the 2023 team.

“We didn’t have the scoring power that this bunch here has but,” Farmer chuckled “They’ve already scored probably what we scored in fifteen games, all the way through state.”

And he’s right. This year’s Loboes have scored 487 points through nine games. Although they may be vastly different teams, there is one thing that connects the two: Farmer’s great-nephew, senior Brandon Mendoza.

“It’s amazing knowing that I have someone that has experience winning that state champion, and hoping that this year I can experience the same thing, just knowing that feeling,” Mendoza said.

Farmer watches as many games as he can and does not think he has any advice left to give this current group.

“I just don’t feel like we can render a whole lot of advice to those kids now, they’re just too prolific in their scoring and they’ve got a heck of an attitude,” he laughed. “And I know ‘Big Red’ is full of it himself, he’s excited.”

Mendoza, known to his teammates as ‘Big Red’, mentioned he’s excited for the opportunity to follow in his family members’ footsteps as the 2023 Lobos are still undefeated heading into their final regular season game.

“75 years has been too long,” Mendoza said. “We want to bring the trophy back here. I think just knowing what our task is, knowing what we need to do to get there is what we’re really focused on.”

They’ve won their fair share of titles over the years, but going for state is always on the mind. And to do so on the 75-year anniversary of the first and only state title in school history would mean even more.

“This year, we want to build our legacy and leave it and be that team that brought back the state championship. Like I said earlier,” he paused, “75 years has been way too long.”

Farmer believes this team has the ability to repeat history and bring another trophy home.

“I think they’ve got a good chance of, at least better than we had, I think, of going all the way.”

With another gold ball on the horizon, the Loboes, Farmer, and ‘Big Red’, are ready for the postseason.

“Feels pretty good,” Mendoza nodded. “Just know, we still got a lot of work to do. Definitely not done with what we’ve been doing.”

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