MIDLAND, Tx (ABC Big 2/Fox 24) – Greenwood-native LeeAnna Crudgington is excelling in air rifle shooting competitions.

The 16-year-old recently won the Texas State Prone Championship and has competed in the Junior Olympics five times.

Crudgington said her love for shooting started at a young age when her dad and uncle introduced the hobby to her and her brother. She recalled hunting, shooting in the backyard and shooting bb guns early on in life. At eight years old, she started attending a 4H shooting group.

“I met LeeAnna when she was about eight years old…she was just a tiny thing and then when you talked to her, she would try to hide behind her dad,” said Kevin Willhite, Crudgington’s coach.

Crudgington quickly realized that not only did she enjoy shooting as a hobby, but it gave her an outlet to exercise her competitive side. She now practices nearly every day and is trained by Willhite.

“I kind of just found that it could be fun and I could be competitive…and I really just fell in love with the sport itself and just being involved,” she said.

After five years of competing, Crudgington has compiled numerous plaques, medals and awards. Her main goal now is to compete at the collegiate level and hopefully qualify for the Olympics some day.

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