District 1-4A Division II scenarios


With only one game left to go, five teams are still vying for the final three playoff spots in District 1-4A Division II.

Greenwood and Lamesa are the only teams with their fates already decided.

The Rangers (10-0, 6-0) will be the outright district champions. Meanwhile, the Golden Tors (0-9, 0-5) are already eliminated from postseason contention.

There will be three games this week, all with significant implications:

  • Lamesa (0-9, 0-5) at Fort Stockton (6-3, 2-3)

Fort Stockton must defeat Lamesa to have a chance at the playoffs (more on that later…)

  • Pecos (5-4, 3-2) at Snyder (3-6, 3-2)

The winner of this game will be the 2-seed in the playoffs.

  • Sweetwater (3-6, 2-3) at Monahans (2-7, 2-3)

Both teams must win to make the postseason. The Mustangs would be guaranteed a spot with a win over the Loboes.

If Fort Stockton loses to Lamesa, only four teams (Greenwood, Pecos, Snyder, and Sweetwater/Monahans) would have at least three district wins to qualify for the postseason.

However if the Panthers defeat the Golden Tors, there would be four different scenarios involving a three-way tie for the final two playoff spots.

In that scenario, here is what each team would need to secure a postseason berth:

  • Pecos: win OR Monahans win
  • Monahans: win AND Pecos win
  • Fort Stockton: Snyder win OR (Pecos win AND Monahans win)
  • Sweetwater: win
  • Snyder: win OR Sweetwater win

In the case of a three-way tie, these district-specific tiebreaking procedures are implemented to determine the order of playoff seeding:

  • If one of the three teams defeated the other two teams involved, that team is given the highest-seed. A head-to-head tiebreaker then determines the order for the two remaining teams.
  • Otherwise, a positive/negative point differential is used to determine the order. Positive/negative points are assigned to reflect the margin of victory/defeat. Only games between teams involved in the tiebreaker are used. A maximum of 17 points is assigned to each game.
  • Example: Fort Stockton defeated Pecos by 22 points (+17) and lost to Sweetwater by 14 (-14). That gives the Panthers a +3 point differential in the event of a three-way tie between Fort Stockton, Pecos, and Sweetwater.

Here’s what the final standings would look like in each instance (qualified playoff teams marked with an asterisk*):

Snyder defeats Pecos, Monahans defeats Sweetwater

  1. Greenwood (6-0)*
  2. Snyder (4-2)*
  3. Fort Stockton (3-3)* (head-to-head over Pecos and Monahans)
  4. Pecos (3-3)* (head-to-head over Monahans)
  5. Monahans (3-3)
  6. Sweetwater (2-4)
  7. Lamesa (0-7)

Snyder defeats Pecos, Sweetwater defeats Monahans

  1. Greenwood (6-0)*
  2. Snyder (4-2)*
  3. Fort Stockton (3-3)* (+3 pt. margin vs. Sweetwater/Pecos)
  4. Sweetwater (3-3)* (+1 pt. margin)
  5. Pecos (3-3) (-4 pt. margin)
  6. Monahans (2-5)
  7. Lamesa (0-7)

Pecos defeats Snyder, Monahans defeats Sweetwater

  1. Greenwood (6-0)*
  2. Pecos (4-2)*
  3. Fort Stockton (3-3)* (+11 pt. margin vs. Snyder/Monahans)
  4. Monahans (3-3)* (+2 pt. margin)
  5. Snyder (3-3) (-13 pt. margin)
  6. Sweetwater (2-4)
  7. Lamesa (0-7)

Pecos defeats Snyder, Sweetwater defeats Monahans

  1. Greenwood (6-0)*
  2. Pecos (4-2)*
  3. Snyder (3-3)* (head-to-head over Sweetwater and Ft. Stockton)
  4. Sweetwater (3-3)* (head-to-head over Ft. Stockton)
  5. Fort Stockton (3-3)
  6. Monahans (2-4)
  7. Lamesa (0-7)

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