KERMIT, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – Slated to finish last in their district this season, the Kermit Yellow Jackets are facing a lot of doubt, especially after last years overall finishing record 3-7. Now, with a new head coach from Lobbock Roosevelt, who’s advocating for toughness and discipline, they’re looking to change that.

Kermit’s football program has taken a back seat in their district in the past seasons, and it seems they are picked to do so again. But a new head coach and running back are trying to change that for the better.

Nate Gensler came to the Yellow Jackets this season and is looking forward to the impact he can make, “When you take over a program that hasn’t had much success, I think three games in the last three years, there’s nowhere to go but up. So that’s the exciting part of it.”

The brand new Yellow Jacket program has a few things in mind they will be leaning on to have success this season.

Junior quarterback, Jeremiah Salazar, said, “We’re just relying on that discipline and toughness of this year to help us win.”

That toughness and discipline are the biggest things Coach Gensler is bringing to the program.

“The number one thing is discipline, discipline and accountability and some toughness. The discipline, everything we do is discipline. Everything we do. Everything is a sense of urgency. Everything has discipline. Everything is about being tough,” added Gensler. “I don’t think x’s and o’s matter. I don’t think, some of the strategy that you do matters, but discipline matters and sense of urgency and toughness, that’s what we want to be about in this program.”

Not only is Gensler bringing a new culture to the program, he’s also bringing his star running back of a son, who already looks to make a difference to the Kermit offense.

“No plays off going 100% every play and then leading the team, making sure everybody’s doing their assignment and just being a role model to the team,” cheered senior running back and linebacker, Nate Gensler.

And if it wasn’t said enough, discipline will factor heavily into this year’s Yellow Jacket’s games.

Gensler said, “When we’re down two touchdowns, it’s discipline that’s going to bring us back. We’re not going to want to give up. We’re going to keep pushing and we’re never going to stop. We’re not going to step off that gas pedal.”

The Kermit Yellow Jackets tough season starts in non-district play in Lubbock, against the Lubbock Christian Eagles.