ABC Big 2-A-Days: Sanderson Eagles


SANDERSON, Texas – The Sanderson Eagles were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 – possibly harder than any team in the Basin.

This season, though, they say they’re ready to hit back on the field.

Like every high school team in Texas, Sanderson has been reveling in a more traditional offseason than 2020 provided.

“It’s way better not having to worry about, ‘Oh, is he going to be out? Is he going to be ok?'” said junior wide receiver Ryan Darcus. “We have everybody here, everybody is healthy. COVID is not as bad as it was, so it’s definitely is a relief.”

Being a six-man team barely big enough to scrimmage against itself, Sanderson doesn’t have the luxury of a deep bench.

“We have what, 13 kids? We can’t really reach in the back of the depth chart for some kids, we have to deal with what we got,” said Darcus. “It’s definitely a hurdle we had to cross.”

“I pray that we don’t get sick and we’re able to go throughout the whole year just fine, with no complications at all,” said senior Noel Carrasco.

Head coach David Donnell says while the Eagles are still young, he hopes the experience of last season can help them mature at a quicker rate.

“in six-man football, if you’re a junior you’ve had a lot of experience playing because of low numbers,” said Donnell. “We’re young, but I’d say we have some pretty good experience.”

The team that almost wasn’t able to put enough players on the field last year has high expectations for 2021.

“The whole team set a goal with our coach is to get top 10 in the whole division and become district champs,” said Darcus.

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