ABC Big 2-A-Days: Marfa Shorthorns


MARFA, Texas (Nexstar) – Marfa typically has a small coaching staff and roster, as is the nature of six-man football. This season, in some ways, is different.

The Shorthorns will have several extra coaches that are still on the team. They come in the form of an experienced group of upperclassmen.

“I expect the seniors in my class to go out with a bang this year,” said senior Juan Avila.

Avila is one of eight seniors suiting up this year for the Shorthorns. The 2022 class makes up more than half of their roster.

Their head coach, Arturo alferez, has seen them grow up together as they take on new roles.

“I share stories with them that I used to remember them when they were in seventh grade,” said Alferez. “They were here watching practice and now they’re leading practice.”

This group of seniors has been leaders before official practices even started. Knowing the team needed to get faster and stronger, they made sure everyone fell in love with the weight room.

“In years past, we never really went in the summer,” said senior Christian Ontiveros. “Maybe two or three weeks before two-a-days we’d start coming, but we never spent the whole summer working out and actually trying to chase something. Definitely, this last year was a wake-up call for us.”

The coaching staff is already noticing the results.

“We can see the difference from April to right now,” said Alferez. “We see a little muscle tone on them now. They’re a little bit quicker and a little bit stronger.”

Marfa’s hopes of making the playoffs have been a key motivating factor.

“It’s a really big goal so we can tell the next generation what it’s like and to show them that it is possible,” said Avila.

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