LENORAH, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – The fifteen player team of the Grady Wildcats don’t feel small as they work as one unit. Every game the wildcats lay it all out on the line for their teammates.

Senior Wildcat, Colt Carson, said no matter what the score at the end of the game is, he and his teammates will be out there fighting till the end to help each other out.

“You know, it’s just for the team. I’m pretty much the biggest guy we have, so they got to put me anywhere. And, uh, I just try to help the team out. That’s really why I’m out here,” added Carson.

Head coach Jourmain Matta said while the team may be small and last seasons finish going 2-8 was a hard pill to swallow, it’s clear to anyone who sees this team, that you can clearly see every player continues to fight and still wants to be out on that field every Friday night.

He said you can see in bigger teams, the difference in head space, adding, “Sometimes you have kids that just don’t want to be here. Like I said, it’s just kind of it doesn’t go as well. And like I said, this year we have 15 kids. Like I said, those are the kids that want to be here. And I said, in my past experience, that’s always been good.”

Matta is back for his second season as the wildcats head coach and since many players have now seen three different head coaches in their last four seasons, their hoping to build and capitalize on a relationship that lasts. And for them, most of that starts with their connections off the field.

“Our friendship, just growing, our relationship with everybody, continuing to get better. Everybody knows everybody. You know what we can do and we know what we can do and what we can get better at,” emphasized senior wildcat Hunter Mcanally.

Since every game last season proved to be a dog fight with the Coach Matta is focused on holding on throughout the game with the same intensity presented when that first whistle is blown and they step onto that field.

Matta said going into this season, the wildcats need to keep pace and stay on track, adding, “Consistency last year that those times where we just did really well, we looked really well at times and then other times we just looked really bad. It was never really a happy medium. And so like I said, this year I’m really looking for consistency.”

His idea of a happy medium starts with moving on from the past and focusing on what the wildcats can do for their team now, and it seems they all agree.

“I think we just got to take a game by game. We can’t look at the future. We just got to do one practice, one day, one step at a time. That’s what we got to do,” mentioned Carson.

The wildcats have the camaraderie and they have the determination, now what they can do with it will determine their season.