ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – While winning only two games in the last three seasons has taken a toll on the Odessa Compass Academy Cougars, right now, the seniors said they are focused on what is in front of them.

Senior runningback and linebacker Abraham Davalos added, “There’s nothing for us to look back to. We’re looking forward with a new head coach. We’re going to go forward and do what we do best. And that’s going to be football.”

On Saturday, the Cougars hosted their first scrimmage in years, and they were more than excited to get on the field and play in their inner-squad scrimmage, the ‘Green and White Cat Collision’. In the mind of new head coach, Floyd White, having these opportunities, provides a chance for him to change their mentality and focus on their love of football.

Now, his hope is to continue on that path and completely change the culture, immediately.

“There’s a lot of things, a lot of bumps in the road because you’ve got to break old habits, but you also have to start to build those new habits and those new things that that you want them to learn and that you want them to understand, that are core to your program,” said Coach White.

White had recently taken the head coaching position with Odessa Compass Academy after leaving his defensive coordinator position with Midland Legacy.

He said when he transitioned to Compass, he noticed the first thing he needed to change was his players’ mentalities. Over the years, the trials and tribulations had made it hard for some of the players to continue on this path but with Coach White now leading, many newcomers were more than willing to help.

Jeremiah Dominguez, senior receiver and cornerback, came to Compass Academy just this year and had the idea in his head that he was here to help make a change.

“I had a mentality to help him change around this organization, help them start winning games and it seems like it’s been helping out a lot. And especially with the new coach, he’s been helping a lot to,” he added.

In a tough division with Crane, Alpine and Tornillo, the Cougars have their work cut out for them, but the players now have something to believe in: their new head coach.

Senior linebacker and offensive tackle, Christian Stout said while he has played his entire high school career with the Cougars, he’s thought about leaving, but Coach White is what kept him there.

“Been wanting to quit football. And then I heard we’re getting Coach White from Midland Lee. I came back strong, hit weights all summer, and did strength conditioning with him. I’ve been taking this seriously, doing whatever my Coach tells me. I’m just ready to win some football games here. That’s what i’m most excited about,” added Stout.

During the ‘Green and White Cat Collision’ scrimmage, Coach White named the three captains for the season: No. 7 Abraham Davalos, No. 22 Jeremiah Dominguez, and No. 52 Christian Stout. Coach White also said the fourth would be open to those who proved themselves each and every week, on and off the field.

“That way, it gives everybody an opportunity to go ahead and work and show that know this this program is important to me. It’s not just about the most popular or the best players. It’s about everybody,” White said.