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Which wall-mounted coat rack is best?

Who couldn’t use a bit more hanging space for all the coats, jackets and vests that we end up with over the years? If your closet is bursting with clothes, a wall-mounted coat rack is a one-time purchase that can add quite a bit of storage to your home. Easy to install and affordable, wall-mounted coat racks can also hold other items like keys, letters or other knickknacks. For stylish and sturdy hanging space for your coats, the Liberty Six Scroll Hook Rack is a top choice.

What to know before you buy a wall-mounted coat rack

Weight and capacity

The weight of the coat rack itself shouldn’t be too hefty, as the combined weight of the coats and the rack itself can’t risk tearing out your wall. Check that your wall material is capable of holding up the capacity of a coat rack plus its weight. Most coat racks hold up to around 30 pounds.


Wood and metal are aesthetically pleasing, durable and popular options. They both are strong enough to hold up hefty amounts of clothing while not being too heavy for your walls. There are some plastic mounted racks, though, if you’re looking for something even lighter and cheaper.


The width and height of a wall-mounted coat rack also matter when making sure it will fit and look good in your space. Be sure to measure the wall space first to have possible dimensions in mind.

Number of hooks

The number of hooks on a coat rack normally ranges from three to six. More hooks mean more hanging space. Keep in mind that the weight capacity of the rack will determine how much you can hang at once.

What to look for in a quality wall-mounted coat rack


An added basket above or below the hooks gives you space to toss in things like keys, money, letters or anything else you’d like to have ready at hand.


A shelf built in above the hooks is great for placing photographs, adorning with a vase or succulent, or simply keeping things you’d like to have near the door. Still, remember that whatever you put on top needs to be factored into the weight limit.

Ease of installation

If you’ll be installing the rack without any help, finding one with simple, clear instructions and easy installation makes all the difference.

How much you can expect to spend on a wall-mounted coat rack

A mounted coat rack sells for $20-$80. Synthetic plastics will cost the least ($20-$25), and metal and wooden models cost more ($25-$80), with added accessories like baskets or shelves driving up the price.

Wall-mounted coat rack FAQ

How do I style my mounted coat rack to fit my space?

A. First things first: where are you installing your coat rack? If it will be right in front of your door, picking out a stylish wood option for your coat rack is a safe bet. Wood matches almost any interior design, whereas brightly colored plastic could be too overwhelming. Next, if it has a shelf, carefully choose a few accessories and accent pieces for decorating your rack. This adds a homey, personal touch. Lastly, for the overachievers out there, hanging coats on your rack that match the color palette or style of the room will push your home’s aesthetic over the edge!

Can I move my wall-mounted coat rack once it’s been installed?

A. It’s not easy, and sometimes not possible, to remove your mounted coat rack from the wall, at least not without leaving a big mark. Because of this, it’s key that you scope out your space ahead of time. Measuring how much space you have, envisioning what the rack would look like once installed, and making sure there’s not a better place to put it can help you avoid regretting your installation once it’s finished.

What’s the best wall-mounted coat rack to buy?

Top wall-mounted coat rack 

best Liberty Six Scroll Hook Rack

Liberty Six Scroll Hook Rack

What you need to know: Seductively simple and sleek, this six-hook rack offers dedicated space solely for coats, hats or jackets.

What you’ll love: Installing this hook rack is easy and quick, and it has the capacity to hold up to 35 pounds of clothing. The cocoa color makes it a handsome piece for any room. The metal hooks hold up even the heaviest of coats.

What you should consider: It doesn’t include a basket or shelf space, so you can’t store small items or decorate it with accent pieces.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top wall-mounted coat rack for the money

best InterDesign Twillo Mail and Key Rack

InterDesign Twillo Mail and Key Rack

What you need to know: Functionality meets fashion with this cute basket-style five-hook rack.

What you’ll love: It’s compact enough to save you space while also having enough space between the hooks so that your coats can hang properly without crowding. The basket gives you room to leave your keys, mail and other items when you come and go. It’s easy to assemble.

What you should consider: It’s smaller than some other options and may not hold enough for your needs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Best Ollieroo Bamboo Coat Rack Shelf

Ollieroo Bamboo Coat Rack Shelf

What you need to know: Traditional and neat, this shelf-style rack shelf can hold not only coats but also has space for keys, photo frames, and vases.

What you’ll love: With an upper shelf above five  hooks, this classic design gives you the ability to add flair with photos and other decorations. It can hold a capacity of up to 22 pounds and the hooks are sturdy and large.

What you should consider: If you’re hoping to also hang your umbrellas, keys or hats, there might not be enough hooks for those items and your coats.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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