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Bearaby blanket review

Anxiety and stress are known to cause a variety of problems, including insomnia. Using a weighted blanket, either on the couch or in bed, has become a popular tool for managing stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, finding a weighted blanket that is comfortable, made from natural materials and aesthetically pleasing can be a challenge. 

Bearaby claims their line of hand-made, weighted blankets are highly breathable, wonderfully cozy and utterly calming. These cooling blankets are designed with soft layers of plant-based fabric, free of plastic materials and synthetic fillers.

We wanted to see whether the Bearaby weighted blanket can help calm and reduce stress, so we put it to the test. Here’s what we found.

Testing the Bearaby weighted blanket

Our tester used Bearaby’s smallest blanket, the Napper, for several weeks when relaxing on the couch and sleeping at night. While our tester frequently tosses and turns at night, they do not suffer from overwhelming anxiety or stress.

What is the Bearaby weighted blanket?

With an unofficial slogan of “the natural way to sleep well,” Bearaby aims to offer self-care without compromise in the form of hand-knit weighted blankets. They currently offer five different options — the Nappling is 40 inches by 60 inches and weighs 8 pounds, the Travel Napper is 40 inches by 64 inches and weighs 10 pounds, the Cotton Napper and Tree Napper are both 40 inches by 72 inches and weigh 15 pounds and their largest option is the Hugger, which is a whopping 90 inches by 90 inches and weighs 35 pounds.

How to use the Bearaby weighted blanket

Weighted blankets aren’t just a fad. According to Bearaby, “the sensation of being cuddled lowers stress and anxiety by reducing cortisol, making you feel calm and relaxed.” To reap the benefits, you need a weighted blanket heavy enough to ground your body, which is different for each person.

There are no strict rules for using a weighted blanket, and what’s ideal for one person may not work for another. While having a blanket continuously putting pressure on your body can help reduce stress and anxiety, it can be a unique sensation that takes time to get used to. Some users may need to start by just covering their legs with the weighted blanket and eventually working toward covering their entire bodies.

Key features of the Bearaby weighted blanket

There are many weighted blankets on the market, but Bearaby separates their products with their breathable design, never using any fillers and evenly weighing their blankets.

Instead of using fillers like plastic poly pellets, glass beads or steel shot beads to make blankets heavier, which can move around and create an uneven weight distribution, Bearaby uses multiple layers of plant-based fabric. As a result, their blankets are environmentally friendly, and the weight is always be distributed evenly. Bearably claims this is vital for promoting a deeper, more natural sleep cycle.

One common complaint about weighted blankets with synthetic fillers is that they are too hot. Bearaby’s natural design is cooling and breathable, allowing you to sleep restfully without getting overheated.

Bearaby weighted blanket price

The Nappling, which is Bearaby’s smallest blanket at 40 inches by 60 inches, retails for $149. It comes in four colors: midnight blue, moonstone grey, evening rose and confetti, which is a mixture of all the colors. Their largest blanket is the Hugger, which retails for $399.

Where is the Bearaby Weighted Blanket sold?

Bearaby website

You can find this sustainably designed weighted blanket on the Bearaby website. The brand offers free shipping and returns, including a full refund within 30 days, no questions asked.

Bearaby weighted blanket benefits

Overall, we were impressed with the Bearaby Nappling weighted blanket and its ability to help us feel calm and fall asleep quickly. We usually take a long time to fall asleep but fall asleep much faster when using this knit blanket. In addition to helping us feel cozy and comfortable, the Nappling also has a wonderful texture and feels soft and soothing on our skin.

As someone who has used other weighted blankets before, we felt the Nappling was much more breathable and kept us cool while sleeping. We also loved its gorgeous design and thought it fit right into our aesthetic.

Bearaby weighted blanket drawbacks

Unfortunately, these blankets have a lengthy washing and drying process. Because it’s so heavy, professionals recommend taking your weighted blanket to a laundromat with a commercial-sized washing machine so you don’t damage your washing machine.

Should you get the Bearaby weighted blanket?

Based on our experience, we feel the Bearaby weighted blanket lives up to its guarantee of blissful rest and thought it helped calm and reduced stress while keeping us cool. We recommend Bearaby weighted blankets to anyone who has anxiety and stress or finds it hard to relax or fall asleep.


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