Young Gentleman’s Club: providing mentoring programs for youth


MIDLAND, TX (Big 2/ Fox 24) – Many Midland youngsters are learning the importance of being a gentleman.

    The Young Gentleman’s Club is a mentoring program for elementary students to learn proper etiquette and prepare them for the real world. 

    “Every time I wear these suits, I feel like I’m like a gentleman,” says Lv, a student at the program. “I feel like a grown man.”

Little growing men learning the importance of being a gentleman. 

“I like being suited up because it represents that I’m a gentleman,” Elliot says. 

The Young Gentleman’s Club has been going on for two years, and the program is available to all Midland elementary students.

“We work with young boys that need some skills that might be lacking a father or you know a parent that’s incarcerated,” Karl Boroski, executive director of Rope Youth. “But we want to work with these boys; we want to teach them things that a father would teach a son that they might not have.”

    “I like being in it because they teach us how to be a gentleman, and my friends are here, and they teach us how to iron they teach us how to shine shoes,” Angel says. 

    These students meet once a week, and they look forward to learning more about being a gentleman. 

    “I like it because my friends are here, and they show me how to be a gentleman,” Kevin says. 

    They learn how to shine shoes, iron their shirts, and even learn how to write a check, the things a gentleman is known for.

 “We learn things that can help us when we’re older,” says Charlie. 

    “It means a lot to me how to be a gentleman and how to respect others and help other people,” says Andrew. 

  “They stand out for a totally different reason, and they love being in here; they look forward seeing the people that volunteer and come seeing them every week; it’s a highlight for them,” Boroski says. 

“The Young Gentleman’s Club is always looking for volunteers to teach youngsters the importance of being a gentleman. You can find the program’s contact information below:

Karl Boroski’s number: (432) 553-3116

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