PECOS, Texas (Nexstar) – Work is moving forward at the Pecos migrant facility and more neighbors are slowly finding out about it.

The site is close to their homes, prompting an array of concern.

“I would like the whole issue to be resolved,” said BK Perea.

“Hopefully they could bring in some good security,” said Ruben Carrasco.

“I feel sorry for the kids that came without their parents,” said Yolanda Carrasco.

Yolanda Carrasco lives near the facility. The 72-year-old doesn’t want holding facilities like this one to become common.

“I hope that our taxes won’t go up to support them,” said Carrasco. “Where are they going to get the money to do medical? Where are they going to get the money to feed them?”

Changes are being made to the Target Lodge Pecos North Property. Along the perimeter, poles have been propped into the ground for a fence. Crews are moving in furniture and equipment at the site. Dressers were piled up along the side and private security is stationed around the entrances.

Israel Bspudo is concerned about the Coronavirus, specifically, at this one location.

“They shut down that man camp, and now that man camp is back open for them. So, I hope everything is clean out, inside and out, for the kids to be safe,” Bspudo said.

Rene Tarango has a similar concern.

“They might even bring in some other kind of micro-germs that we don’t even know,” Tarango said. “There’s way more space going down toward Fort Stockton… Then we would be a whole lot better because then we wouldn’t be so close to them.”

While this small community is coming to terms with what will soon happen, some neighbors say they are understanding.

“They come to the United States to get a better living and do work and not all of them are bad,” said Ruben Carrasco.

“I don’t care that it’s down the road, I just don’t like that they’re penned up,” said BK Perea.

We reached out to the Reeves County Sheriff, Pecos Police Department, and Pecos mayor, but have not received a response.

We were told they were busy meeting about their plans moving forward.