Cornish took notice to the adversity that young girls are up against today and decided to make a difference through coaching. Basketball not only serves as an emotional outlet for most of the girls but also as way to build work ethic, self-esteem and work in a team environment.

While March may be a time for basketball it is also Women’s History Month.

Pasha Cornish, a coach at the Alternative Education Center in Odessa, has provided a safe outlet for young girls through basketball and mentorship.

Through coaching a legacy can be created through women fostering relationships and passing down wisdom through generations.

“Really its an honor because I feel like I am fulfilling my purpose. But for me, it just knowing that I helped somebody and usually that lives on, once you’re gone. I can say something to you today that I may pass to a young girl and she’ll remember it forever and she’ll pass it to her kids or her grandkids and its something that will live on forever,” said Cornish.

Cornish hosts open gym for young girls every Sunday night, completely free to the public.