Arizona woman slapped in the face after grabbing woman during racist tirade


PHOENIX (KRON) — A video going viral shows an Arizona gas station customer identified as Karina Rodriguez slapping a woman who grabbed Rodriguez while berating her with racist comments.

Greg Conn posted the video to Facebook on Saturday showing a white woman at a Phoenix convenience store telling Rodriguez that she wasn’t welcome in the store.

“Five seconds after I was checking out, this lady walks in and all upset that her pump wasn’t working and that there was a line in the gas station,” Conn said. “She started yelling at the clerk to go get another clerk to come out.”

He said he started recording as the woman began arguing with Rodriguez, reported KTVK.

Rodriguez can be heard in the video asking the woman, “Are you the manager?” to which the woman in a black-and-white striped dress responds, “Yes, you need to leave, we’re not serving you.”

Conn interjects, asking the woman, “Excuse me, but you did say that she needs to go back to her country, what is that?”

The woman walks back to Rodriguez and asks, “Where are you from? Where were you born?”

“I was born in America, b***h, where are your ancestors from?” Rodriguez responds.

The woman in the dress then turns on Conn, telling him, “You need to leave, you’re not a part of this,” and accuses him of swearing at her, which he denies.

Surveillance video shows the woman walk back to the couple pointing her finger, even pushing the man in his shoulder while his hands are in pockets, reported KTVK.

As Rodriguez and the man with her head for the door with their bag, the woman tells Rodriguez she’s “going back to Mexico.”

The woman also tells the clerk not to serve Rodriguez and grabs her arm.

Rodriguez then slaps the woman in the face.

“You deserved it, in my opinion,” Conn is heard saying to the woman as she leaves the store.

“Racism is alive and well,” Conn said in his Facebook post.

The woman’s husband, who was not identified, said his law firm is now the target of harassment after the incident, reported KTVK.

“All I can tell you is that my wife has been going through a mental crisis,” he said. “I love her dearly and that’s not who she is, and I just want everyone to know how sorry I am. And to the lady in that altercation, I am so sorry.”

The store has banned the woman from all 13 of its locations in the state.

The video has been shared more than 20,000 times.

Warning: Video contains profanity

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