MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- A Midland woman was arrested late last week after investigators said she allegedly abandoned a cat inside an apartment. Kaitlyn Pierson, 25, has been charged with Animal Cruelty. 

According to an affidavit, on August 9, officers with the Midland Police Department were called to an apartment building in the 3600 block of W Loop 250 to assist Animal Control on an animal check after apartment complex employees called 911. At the scene, investigators met with an employee who stated he entered an apartment rented by Pierson to complete a work order and saw a dead cat in the bedroom. 

The employee said the apartment smelled of urine and feces and that two litter boxes were overflowing, as if they had not been changed in quite some time. Managers said they weren’t sure Pierson still lived in the apartment because they had not seen her for several months but advised her rent had been paid and was up to date. Investigators said the cat had been dead for a while because of the advanced level of decay.

An apartment manager advised that she communicated with Pierson via email and that Pierson denied owning a cat and said the cat belonged to her boyfriend. Pierson reportedly admitted to taking her dog with her when she moved away; investigators said Pierson was the only person listed on the lease and that she didn’t leave any food or water for the cat when she left. 

A warrant was later issued for Pierson’s arrest, and she turned herself in following a Crime Stoppers post asking for help to locate her. Pierson was booked into the Midland County Detention Center and was later released on an unknown bond.