Will today’s weather in the Permian Basin affect your Sunday?


Happy Sunday morning West Texans! So far temperatures have been pretty fair this weekend in the Basin ranging in the mid to upper 90s. Will today be a fair sunny Sunday in the Basin?

Today temperatures will be near to normal with scattered rainstorms in the afternoon in the Northwest portion of the Basin such as: Carlsbad, Van Horn, Tatum, and Pine Springs. These past couple of days we have seen what those storms can produce which is not limited to heavy rainfall creating localized flooding. And our rhyme is “Turn Around and Don’t Drown” once you reach those flooded roads.

For the most part Sunday will finally be a sunny Sunday in the Basin with a high of 94 degrees, perfect enough for outdoor activities. However, our pollen caster is at a moderate level so do take the necessary precautions to make the most of your Sunday.

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