Why you shouldn’t post your vaccination card to social media


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – While you may be excited about getting the Covid-19 vaccine, it’s important you don’t post your vaccination card on social media.

“What a lot of people don’t realize is when you get the vaccine and you’re excited and want to share, your card has all of your personal information on there. So if you don’t mark any of that out, you are giving scammers a great opportunity to commit identity theft,” said Heather Massey of the Better Business Bureau.

Even information that may seem harmless, like your vaccination date, could lead hackers to find out more personal details about you or even scam you out of money.

“If you share that you’ve been vaccinated and post your card, scammers can take that opportunity to contact you. They say there was a problem with your vaccination, or you owe some type of fee and you need to pay it immediately. Those generally come through messages on your social media channels,” said Massey.

Don’t forget that even if your account is private, you can still be a target to scammers.

“Even if your account is private, scammers still have a way to hack in. If you share a post or share a link, scammers can go in, in various ways. You might be surprised that you have friends of friends that might take that post and regenerate it somehow. No matter how careful you are, there’s always an opportunity for identity theft,” Massey said.

Luckily, Silver’s Framery and Fa Fa Gallery in Midland has come up with a much safer and permanent way to celebrate your vaccine… They’ll frame it for you!

“We realized that card is a symbol of the whole last year and the end of it and how things are wrapping up and we also realized that for every one of us, this card symbolizes something different. Whether it’s getting to go back to work, or having to go back to work, or reuniting with family members,” said owner, Jeff Neely.

You can go into the store any day of the week and get your frame customized however you’d like. If you don’t have any ideas, Neely will come up with something creative for you.

“One couple came in and both of them wanted theirs’ done, so we’re going to put them together in a heart. It’s one of those life changing events that’s only going to happen every so often and that’s why it’s important to us to memorialize it.”

No matter what you do with you card, you must keep it and put it in a safe space. Office Depot in Odessa will laminate it for you for free.

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April 22 2021 09:00 am