ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Fourth of July is right around the corner and local firework stands are looking forward to this year’s celebration. While families run out to buy fireworks in preparation for the big night, it’s important to stay safe to avoid any accidents.

Like many Independence Days before it, this year’s celebration will involve a number of different firework displays. According to the Texas Fire Marshals office, it’s illegal to use fireworks within city limits. If caught using fireworks inside of city limits, people can be fined up to $500.

Adult supervision is necessary when using fireworks to ensure that all parties involved are safe.

Natural elements from outside can play a huge role in how your firework reacts once you light it up. According to an employee at Truckload Fireworks, the best type of weather to use to light your fireworks in is right after it has rained because wet grass can help reduce incidents like fires.

Due to the firework shortage this year, many stands are not carrying common fireworks like roman candles but they are filled with a variety of other fireworks that can be used to ring in the Fourth of July.

Sparklers are a customer favorite at Truckload Firework stands. To help prevent burns from sparklers, a Truckload Firework employee recommends you keep a plastic cup handy.

“I recommend getting a red solo cup and poke the stick through the cup and it covers or protects their hand..that way it won’t hurt them.”

Fireworks can be a sight to see but it’s important that we keep in mind, all fireworks are highly explosive and should be used with caution.

“Watch your kids, make sure they’re not shooting at each other with certain fireworks and aiming for each other.”

With all of the excitement that July 4th brings, make sure to put you and your families safety first.