PERMIAN BASIN, Texas (Nexstar) – A new bill signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott is keeping our furry-legged friends protected with senate bill no.5, also known as the Safe Outdoors Dogs Act.

We discussed the specific requirements of the new law with Midland Humane Coalition, Terra Acox — who says that this new law is a game-changer for the treatment of animals.

“It’s obviously a little bit dangerous to the animal to have them tied up all the time and if they’re not being watched they could get wrapped around whatever they’re tied to they could injure themself but more than that just the public at large when you keep a dog tied up..studies have shown that it tends to make a dog more aggressive,” says Acox.

Here’s what you need to know:

-Dog owners can no longer keep dogs tethered with chains and unattended in extreme weather conditions for long periods of time.

-Pet owners must provide safe shelter, shade, and clean drinkable water for dogs.

-The 24-hour waiting period for law enforcement to intervene if a dog is being mistreated has been removed – allowing police to act quickly in inhumane situations.

-If dog owners fail to adhere to the law, they could be charged with a Class C misdemeanor and pay up to a $500 fine. Repeat offenders could spend up to 180 days in jail and pay up to a $2,000 fine.

For more information about the Safe Outdoors Acts law, click here.