West Texas woman claims her identity has been stolen


Identity theft is a crime we have heard all too often, but Sheriff Mike Griffis says the birth of social media has made it worse in recent years.

“I’m sure in part because of all the media stuff, you know, people charging people through these social media sites. Unfortunately, some of these victims have to deal with this for years and years to come.”

For one victim, Amanda Jones, she says one call turned her life upside down. “To think that in the blink of an eye, over someone else’s laziness basically, because they just didn’t want to go get a 9 to 5 job like all of us, that I could pay for it for the rest of my life,” said Jones.

Back in 2018, Jones filed a report to the Federal Trade Commission for identity theft. She says she had been building her credit score to help get a loan for a new business, when she saw that her requests were being denied. “I dropped a 178 point drop in credit overnight,” explained Jones. “They yanked my business loan out from underneath me. I was devastated.”

Since then, she has been rebuilding her credit score, but she did not expect anything like this.

“They said that I had been under investigation for the last 3 or 4 months. You’re linked to 15 diffrent accounts that are spread out throughout the United States betwen Texas and New York. That these account were tied to organized criminal activity.”

She says currently, all of her accounts are frozen and she is waiting to hear back from authorities. She says her biggest fear is it happening again. 

“That’s the hard thing. You can’t disprove that you didn’t do something because that’s all your information. Like that’s you, but it’s not.”

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April 22 2021 09:00 am