West Texas Urgent Care hosts helmet safety event


MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – Head injuries are the leading cause of bike-related crashes according to the Texas Medical Association. Nearly 85 percent of Texans suffer from a disability or traumatic brain injuries from not wearing the proper headgear when taking their bikes out for a spin.

West Texas Urgent Care in Midland joined forces with the Texas Medical Association to host its annual “Safety in Mind” event. The purpose of this event was to spread awareness about helmet safety and give back to the community by providing free helmets to people who may not have access to or can’t afford protective headgear.

One of the reasons that West Texas Urgent Care encourages others to wear helmets that fit properly is because an accident can happen in an instant. Safety is the main focus of West Texas Urgent Care’s helmet giveaway event.

“We wanna make sure that kids that are riding bikes have access to or have riding helmets,” said Dr. Beck of West Texas Urgent Care.

Officer Kerrigan of the Midland County Police Department was in attendance and he says that abiding by traffic laws isn’t just for vehicles but also for bicycles.

“When they come up to a stop sign or red light, they gotta stop just like a car or a truck would…” said officer Kerrigan.

The event included a bicycle safety course, that put bike rider’s skills to the test. Families were able to come out and enjoy an educational event with music and free food served by the West Texas Urgent Care team.

If you weren’t able to make it out to the “Safety in Mind” event, Dr. Beck encourages the community to stop by your local West Texas Urgent Care to pick up a free bike helmet.

“And if you know someone or you are a parent of a child who does not have access to a bicycle helmet or you cannot afford it, you come to our clinic.”

For more information on helmet safety head over to the Texas Medical Association website.

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