ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – The West Texas Food Bank received a gift from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation to support food acquisition and distribution.

The West Texas Food Bank states that the $15,000 grant comes at a time when having cash on hand makes all the difference in being able to provide the services and sustenance the community needs. For every $5 donated, the food bank can provide 10 meals to West Texas residents.

“The continued support of Bank of America highlights the power of partnership at the local level,” said Libby Campbell, CEO of the West Texas Food Bank. “Although you might think of Bank of America as a large nationwide company, their boots on the groundwork in the Permian Basin really do help sustain the mission of the West Texas Food Bank.”

“The reality is that nearly 12 percent of the population in West Texas is food insecure, and pressures from Midland’s nation-leading inflation rates exacerbate the issue for many families in our area,” said Sean Low, senior vice president at Bank of America. “As food banks across the country grapple with this increased demand on top of higher food costs, the bank will continue to work with our nonprofit partners to address issues of food insecurity, nutrition and other associated health problems that ultimately impact success in our schools and workforce.”

The West Texas Food Bank serves 19 counties in the Permian Basin and Trans-Pecos areas. Their reach includes some of the largest and most rural counties in the state. They continue to be the main source of food distribution in those counties, and the Food Bank relies on donations like this to continue that mission.

For more information on the services the West Texas Food Bank provides, visit wtxfoodbank.org or call 432-580-6333.