ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- The Odessa Spire, sometimes called the “West Texas Eiffel Tower”, was cleaned by Giant Rent & Wash recently.

“When Odessa Arts first approached us with the request to clean the spire, we were deeply honored,” said Austin James, Giant Rent & Wash Owner.

Giant Rent & Wash devised a plan to ensure the Spire’s preservation, utilizing a long-range chemical pump to apply an eco-friendly degreaser before rinsing it with hot, low-pressure water. The base was then washed with hot water, removing all organic matter that accumulated.

“The job in its entirety took a little over three hours,” said Austin.

Talks regarding doing something with the Old Cloth World sign first began in 2014, according to the City of Odessa. The Old Cloth World sign dates back to the 1970s.