West Texas Crisis Center seeks donations amid Flu season


ODESSA, TEXAS (Big 2/ Fox 24)- It’s second nature to many American’s, they get sick and reach into their medicine cabinet for cold medicine.

“Something that maybe you don’t think of as being something that somebody needs but stuff that just ends up on your grocery list for your family those sorts of things are the same things that residents need,” says Hannah Horick from the West Texas Crisis Center.

However, what about those who don’t have that privilege? The West Texas Crisis Center is asking the community to help fill in that gap during a deadly flu season.

Horick says they are in need of “your basic cold and flu medicine so everything from painkillers like acetaminophen and ibuprofen to cough syrup and then the other things are stuff to make sure that people aren’t passing it between each other so the paper face masks or things like Clorox wipes and Lysol spray.”

She says people have already been sick and with close living quarters they do their best to make sure they keep everyone separated.

“The facility is bigger we just have a bigger need. We’ve doubled our capacity for clients and we have more clients this year than we had this time last year and so there is just a higher need and unfortunately, we’ve had a lot of sick kiddos the last couple of weeks. If we’ve got somebody who is sick and their roommate is not we try to make sure that nobody is sharing a room with somebody who might potentially get them sick.”

Donations can be received at their administrative office during business hours at 910 S Grant Ave B, Odessa, TX 79761.

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