Weatherizing your home to protect against the elements


PERMIAN BASIN, Texas — It’s a known fact that Texas weather can change in an instant.

Protecting yourself from the elements and weatherizing your home can save you a lot of heart-ache later on.

When you weatherize your home, you’re keeping the outside elements from creeping into your home.

When this happens, the energy you pay for does not leave your home, which also leaves money in your wallet, too.

Weatherization can seal air ducts and light fixtures inside.

Professionals can look into your attic or basements and see if any leaks are coming in or going out of your home.

Weatherization of your home also looks at how efficient your doors and windows are, too.

If your home has older doors and windows, chances are, they do not meet current energy efficiency standards.

According to a study from Integrated Building and Construction Solutions, used by Department of Housing and Urban Development, the whole house-system design is what can help keep energy costs lower inside of the home.

Here’s a link to that study.

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