ECTOR COUNTY, Texas (Nexstar) – Alec Del Bosque would have turned 19-years-old today. But he was shot and killed last October on Halloween night.

His family says Alec was set up and ambushed by a number of people. So far, there have been no suspects.

“We were used to getting up early every morning and blowing up balloons and decorating the whole house for him for his birthday,” said Michelle Del Bosque, Alec’s mother. “It’s definitely different and quiet today.”

There is a sense of sadness and complete loss in the Del Bosque household. Their only son, Alec, loved to joke and laugh. The emptiness is apparent, and what should have been a jubilant birthday celebration with family, has turned into another day of grief.

“He was super nice, and kind to everyone,” said Makaylee Del Bosque, Alec’s sister. “He was just always there for us.”

The family says Alec was a speedy receiver in football. He even planned to open his own animal shelter one day, because Alec wanted to give back, to help anyone and anything, because he couldn’t bare seeing pain.

But on October 31st, 2021, Alec lost his life. His family says their Halloween night began well, with dinner and family time. Alec later left for a party in West Odessa on West Stagecoach Drive around 11 P.M.

“When my son was murdered, he was murdered with four different calibers,” said JJ Del Bosque, Alec’s father. He is referencing the bullets that entered his son’s body.

The family says they’ve learned at least four people opened fire that night, striking Alec across the right side of his body. Michelle says that a witness the night of the shooting reached out to her, saying at least six people had opened fire.

“My son died in the car. His friend had to drive them out of there because they were being shot at… because they wanted him dead,” said Michelle.

Alec’s family says during this ambush, at least thirty bullets pierced Alec’s car.

But the family said the violence first began when they lived in Odessa last year. Their house was broken into four times in four months.

“Our house and my son’s vehicle was shot at four to five times before his murder,” said JJ.

The family says it only got worse, that a group of people that lived near them at the time in Odessa had been terrorizing them – nonstop.

“So, they called my son a snitch and kept picking on him,” Michelle recalls.

That forced the family to move to south Ector County.The problems followed them there. Even after filing up to 13 reports with various law enforcement, Alec’s parents say nothing was done: there were no arrests for the break-ins, the drive-by shootings, or the harassment happening outside their home. The family says they know exactly who was terrorizing them.

“We gave the names, we gave half of the license plates,” Michelle said.

Alec’s parents are demanding answers, and justice for Alec, because they say the people responsible for those violent crimes against them last year, also caused their son’s death.

“We have not been given any information or cooperation from the {Ector County} Sheriff’s Department. Nobody has really told us anything,” Michelle said. “Everything that we know is what we’ve been told.”

“I don’t understand why this is going on, where we still don’t get any answers,” JJ said.

They firmly believe Alec should have been alive today, celebrating his young adulthood with them. For the Del Bosque family, there is no closure, no justice, no suspects, and no answers.

“You should be here, but we will fight everyday,” Michelle said. “Everyday until justice is served.”

A person was arrested last year after the shooting on Halloween, but was released.

The family tells me they have done their own research, and handed over what they believe is crucial evidence in solving their son’s murder.

The Ector County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson tells our Rob Tooke, all the evidence the family has sent them, has been investigated in the months since, in a “thorough investigation.”

Moreover, ECSO said that a “multitude of eyewitnesses” to the shooting were interviewed, which contradicted some of the claims made by the family.

ECSO said the district attorney has decided there is not enough evidence to move forward, or to pursue anyone yet.

But if additional information is provided, the Sheriff’s Office says all information will be looked into.

Right now, the investigation is still ongoing.