MIDLAND, TX. (KMID/KPEJ) — Each month four teachers are chosen for our Teacher of the Month Award, nominated by you at home, and sponsored by Pioneer Natural Resources.
Each month we’ve chosen one of the four to surprise in person, but this month we surprised all four who were nominated— also known as the Kinder Team at Yarbrough Elementary.

The Kinder Team at Yarbrough Elementary has 5 teacher in total. This school year one of the teachers had some unexpected sicknesses to work through but the rest of her team was there to step in and help out her students.

So Mrs. Veronica Reyes nominated those four who went above and beyond to help her and her students out, so we surprised all four with $250 from Pioneer, flowers from Market Street and some Nothing Bundt Cakes.

“It was a complete shock. It was amazing to feel recognized and honored by y’all,” said Teacher, Jessica Lujan.

“Oh my gosh I didn’t even know what was going on,” said Teacher, Marlyn Lopez.

“I cant explain it, just a huge surprise,” said Teacher Kathy Harty.

They actually got surprised on pajama day!

“I was really surprised I did not expect this at all,” said Lopez.

Mrs. Reyes says she couldn’t have taken that time she needed if it weren’t for her amazing school and Kinder Team.

“They took care of my kids, I had a long term sub they took care of my lesson plans, they just went above and beyond,” said Teacher, Veronica Reyes.

“Mrs. Reyes is an amazing teacher and for her to recognize us as amazing teachers, that’s a huge complement to me,” said Mrs. Harty.

“She joined us here and had some unexpected sicknesses. The rest of us stuck together and took care of her classes and made sure they didn’t miss anything with their education,” said Lujan.

“We did it because we care about her, she’s our coworker, she’s our friend. We care about her, and we care about her students. It was a real surprise and we would’ve done it for anyone,” said Lopez.

“Just very honored, just honored. I am a first year teacher, so just the complement of a veteran teacher nominating a first year teacher is just amazing,” said Teacher Joanna Fraire.

The rest of the team says they were happy to add those little ones to their classroom for that time and were appreciative of that recognition.

“This is truly an honor, and makes me happy that someone recognized that,” said Lujan.

“We would do it for anybody on our team, because this is the best team ever,” said Lujan.

“Its just like a family, we watch out for each other we help each other,” said Reyes.