Family of Rebecca Demory still searching, three months after disappearance

ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- The search continues tonight for 32-year-old Rebecca Demory, known to her loved ones as “Becky”- she went missing from Odessa earlier this year. Her family tells ABC Big 2, she was last heard from in February of this year.

Today, after three months, she is still no where to be found. The Odessa Police Department reported her missing on March 1st.

Family is looking for hope and for answers.

“My sister, there’s three of us, she’s the oldest, I’m the youngest, our middle sister was more of the wild child so, me and Becky were really close, she was considered my best friend growing up,” said Demory’s sister, Nancy Swafford.

Months of zero contact and the family is still waiting for any answers from police.

“It’s been three months and this is absolutely insane,” said an angered Swafford. “I’m thankful that the word has now got out there to help us get answers and I feel like it has helped the case and put more pressure on OPD to help and get more information.”

Nancy said Becky drove from Seminole to Odessa to care for another family member at ORMC- she had a medical emergency of her own and was taken by ambulance to the hospital; when she was discharged, she had no ride to her hotel because her can had been left behind when she was taken to the hospital- that’s when she chose to walk.

“She tried to get ahold of everybody she could and nobody was able to give her a ride to her car, so she started walking. That’s when she was picked up at four a.m. at a business, down the street from her hotel,” said an emotional Swafford.

She continued, the family tried to get ahold of Becky before reporting her missing.

“Our mom did send her a text message that next morning, March 1st, asking if she was okay and there was no response, and that was the last we heard of her.”

She said when the family didn’t receive a message back, they knew something was very wrong.

“She was always communicating, she has two children. She always called our father, to check in on them, and see how they were doing,” cried Swafford. “She would never leave her mom. Our mom is not doing well, and that was what caught our suspicion, that she hadn’t contacted our mom.”

Since she’s been gone for so long- there’s been no phone or bank activity since she disappeared, and emotions are running pretty high throughout the family.

“We really hope that our feelings are wrong and that she is still out there, and we are able to find her. But how she hasn’t contacted her family, it’s scary. It’s really is scary,” she shrugged.

Swafford hopes that her sister knows she is missed and everyone wants her back home.

“Becky, if you are watching this, we need you home, we want you home, we just want to know that you’re okay. We are very angry, and very hurt by this whole situation and we just, we need you home, mom needs you, really bad, she can’t take care of herself, knowing that you might be gone forever, and she really needs you,” she cried.

Family members said they won’t stop looking for her.

“We want justice, we want to know what happened to my sister, we need answers, and three months is far too long to be waiting.”

OPD said this is still an active investigation.

If you have any information on her whereabouts or any info that could lead to locating her, please contact OPD at 432-335-4961 or Odessa Crime Stoppers at 432-333-TIPS.

Demory was last seen wearing a grey long sleeved shirt with plaid printed hem on the bottom, along with black pants and athletic shoes, shown in the pictures below.

Now Nancy has also started a GoFundMe to raise money to hire a private investigator to find her sister. If you’d like to donate to the search head to this website.

We’ll continue to follow this story as it develops.