This rattler was spotted at Commanche Trail Park in Odessa on Monday

ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- Odessa nature enthusiast, Adrian Torres, heard the tell-tale rattle of a snake while riding his bike through Commanche Trail Park on Monday and shared the video above about the experience. Despite the cooler weather, these dangerous snakes are still around- here’s what you need to know about rattlesnakes in Texas:

Rattlesnakes, which are most active and plentiful across parts of the Permian Basin in spring and summer, tend to be less active in cooler weather, but they don’t actually hibernate. Instead, during the winter, rattlesnakes enter a state of brumation. During brumation, the snakes are lethargic, but not fully asleep, and will rouse to find the water they need to survive. You may even find them sitting on rocks or asphalt on a sunny day, even in January and February.

That’s why experts say you need to be careful when collecting firewood piled outside your home- these snakes are known to hide in the soil around such piles year-round. 

Torres said he spotted the snake in the video above along a walking and biking trail in the park and used a stick to “move it along” and off the path, so that no one would get hurt. However, if you encounter a snake on your own, and are bitten, here’s what first responders say you need to do