MIDLAND, Texas– Several instances of stolen holiday decorations have been reported in Midland, Texas. Midland Police know of the occurrences and are here to give you some tips to avoid these thefts.

There are some real live grinches around the basin! If you were looking to deck the halls this holiday season, you may want to take some extra steps to keep your Christmas decorations safe.

In the past few weeks, there have been several instances where people’s decorations have been stolen. That includes one family who was lucky enough to have them returned by Midland Police, all thanks to the camera’s set on their front porch.

Midland Police officer, Chane Blandford says, “I’ll tell you right now, cameras, are not going to deter a whole lot but cameras give the police departments evidence.”

Even though cameras may not deter thieves, there are other tips that could help keep you precious items from being taken.

“There has been a history of people taking items from the front yard, decorations, if it is a decoration that is an antique, if it has sentimental value, I highly recommend not putting it out on display in the front, basically if you’re worried about it getting taken, don’t display it,” says Blandford.

And while stealing decorations is still rare, people in the Basin are not too happy this is happening here. Some even say they are heartbroken hearing about it.

“To hear that people are going around stealing Christmas lights is actually kind of heartbreaking, just because this is a time where we should all be getting together and enjoying the true meaning of Christmas,” says Midland resident, Stephanie Palmer-Ikuku.

Some people go as far as to say this even ruins the holiday feel for them.

Another Midland resident, Alex Corrales, says, “It’s just the spirit of Christmas being stolen, it’s just not good.”

Now, if at any point this does happen to you, local police insist you contact them immediately with any information you may have and you too could be as lucky as to have your precious decorations returned.