MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center has more than 120 shows coming to the Basin this year and wants to ensure the safety of all guests so that they can enjoy the one-of-a-kind performances coming to town.

We spoke with Stephanie Rivas the General Manager at Wagner Noel and she says that from H-vac clean air filters to sanitizing all 1,800 seats in the theatre, guests can enjoy performances without being concerned for their health and well-being

Rivas says that the theatre follows CDC guidelines and that they strongly encourage masks but are optional at the venue based on a show’s preference. One added safety procedure is that tickets can be purchased with insurance. Ticket insurance allows guests to get a portion of their money back, in the case that you purchase a ticket and contract covid causing you to miss a show.

“The goal is that we’re not having to physically open and do a hand search so during covid one of the things was minimizing touchpoints we didn’t want to have to rummage through and touch everyone’s items and so this helps for a couple of different reasons,” says Rivas.

Director of Marketing Ginny Van Doren says that with many performances coming up, safety is the theatre’s top priority.

“We feel so blessed and grateful for the Permian Basin and surrounding communities to have supported us for the last 10 years and we like to say as long as people keep buying tickets we’re gonna keep bringing them shows and keeping them entertained,” says Van Doren.

Performers like George Lopez, Jimmy Buffet, and many more are expected to hit the stage this year in celebration of Wagner Noel’s 10 year anniversary.

Tickets for upcoming events can be purchased here.

The Wagner Noel asks that if you’re feeling sick or may have been exposed to Covid-19 to stay home and wait till you feel better to attend a show.