Waco PD gives advice to gunowners


FILE – In this March 25, 2020, file photo semi-automatic handguns are displayed at shop in New Castle, Pa. The number of people stopped from buying guns though the U.S. background check system hit an all-time high of more than 300,000 last year amid a surge of firearm sales, according to new records obtained by the group Everytown for Gun Safety. The FBI numbers provided to The Associated Press show the background checks blocked nearly twice as many gun sales in 2020 as in the year before. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic, File)

WACO, Texas – The cause of a local child’s death is believed to be an accidental gunshot wound to the head. Waco Police have discovered the little boy found a firearm in a family member’s backpack.

“It is very important to know what kind of gun you have – if you do have a gun in your possession, and how to operate that gun safely, and how to secure it away from anyone who is unfamiliar with that,” Waco PD Training Officer Jason Vela said.

To prevent this from happening, Vela says to keep the gun out of reach.

“Securing their guns out of the reach of anyone that they don’t want handling them, that’s going to be the best way to prevent these incidents from happening,” Vela said.

For someone who finds a gun and is not familiar with it, he advises you not to touch it.

“Not handle the gun in any way and report that to someone – maybe the gun owner themselves or to the police department if they find it out in the public somewhere,” Vela said.

Not only do they advise the gun owner to educate themselves, but also to educate others in the house.

“Educating the children and taking the curiosity out of handling whatever that weapon might be, or whatever that tool might be, is a big part of safety, as well,” Vela said.

Vela says some tools for educating yourself include state-supported websites and well-known national organizations.

The Waco Police Department has a supply of gun locks for free. To request one, you can contact their Community Outreach Unit at 254-750-1761.

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