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ECISD Teacher reflects on time teaching virtually

ODESSA, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – This may be Sheena Salicido’s sixth year in the classroom but that doesn’t mean she still isn’t finding new ways to teach her kids.

“I am completely honest with my parents and with my kids ‘sorry that’s not going to work, I messed up I didn’t do this correctly.’ Taking that ownership I think that makes you a lot more real to your kids and we are all learning together so I really think it is a great opportunity for us both,” said the Bowie Middle School Teacher.

Salcido teaches all of the 8th graders who chose online learning; something that had its challenges at first but now, she is hoping can continue throughout the year.

“I am having an amazing time, I enjoy all of my kids! If they’re out there ‘hi guys!'”

In her experience, she takes less time dealing with outside distractions and has noticed kids coming out of their shell.

According to the teacher, “They can just focus on me, focus on their education, focus on the activities and the assignments that we are doing in class. I’ve had kids that are normally pretty shy are answering questions because they don’t have to speak they can type it in the chat.”

She says she is very proud of her kids for learning skills they can take out of the classroom like personal responsibility and time management.

“It should always be an option. Doesn’t that tell us that every kid learns so differently and we always want to be the innovators to be doing something different that is best for kids,” she said.

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