MIDLAND, TX (KMID/KPEJ) – A Midland Realtor advertisement targetting Trump went viral in a matter of minutes.
Local Realtor Michelle Blackwell posted it to Facebook on Monday in hopes of marking her real estate services.
Little did she know, it would take the internet by storm.
“Never did I think that it would get to the point that it is today,” Blackwell said.
She told Local 2 News within 24 hours of posting the ad, it had 1.3 million comments and likes on Facebook.
It reads: “Leaving the country if Trump is elected President? Give me a call and let’s get your home sold.”
Blackwell said if she knew it would get so much attention she wouldn’t have posted it.
“It was more of kind of a joke,” she said, “Because there’s been so many people saying, ‘I’m going to leave the country [if Trump is elected].'”
Political Involvement Council and TAR Member Teri Pearce says Blackwell’s marketing strategy isn’t a good business or political move.
“You can’t put such polarizing things on social media, it is shocking,” Pearce said.
Blackwell told us she didn’t mean to offend anyone, and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but not all of the backlash was bad.
 “I’ve had people comment that if they ever were to buy or sell in West Texas, I’d be their realtor,” she said.
Although she’s gained national attention for the post, Blackwell said if she could go back and change her actions she wouldn’t do it again.