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ODESSA, Texas (Big 2 / Fox 24) – Kameron Brown moved to Odessa to begin the next chapter of his life. Sadly, that chapter came to an abrupt end on August 31, 2019. Despite Kameron’s tragic fate his brother, Carlton Brown, is writing the next chapter for him, keeping his jovial spirit alive.

“My brother was like the funniest person in the world, he could make anyone laugh,” Carlton Brown said. “He could turn anything into a joke.

Carlton and Kameron were extremely close to one another, even though they live miles apart. Kameron Brown was the youngest of six children, he served in the U.S. Army and was deployed to Afghanistan.

Upon his return to the United States, Kameron wanted to get a new start in life. His landing spot; Odessa. It was an opportunity that Carlton says his bother was excited to explore. 

“He was telling me about how happy he was that he went to Odessa and got the job,” Carlton said. “He didn’t think it was going to happen for him, he going through a lot in life at the time.”

But on August 31st, 2019 Carlton received a phone call that haunts him to this day. The jokester and loving brother he had was gone. 

“I got a call from my cousin, and this is before it even hit the news and she was just screaming they killed him, they killed him,” Carlton Brown said. “I asked who did they kill and when she said the name, I just dropped. Honestly, I still kind of live it over and over in my head almost every single day.”

Kameron had deployed to Afghanistan, fighting a war on foreign soil, so being taken from this life in the United States was something Carlton could never comprehend. 

The brothers would often confide in each other and Carlton even remembers speaking with his brother just a few days prior to the mass shooting. Unknowingly, it was one of the last conversations he would have with his brother, but Carlton says he is thankful that one of the last phrases he would speak to Kameron was “I love you.”

A Year later, Carlton is still traumatized by the loss. Carlton’s message for those who may take their family for granted is simple; love fiercely and strongly. 

“People need to wake up,” Carlton said. “You need to love the people that you that you have in your life very strongly because you never know when they’re going to go.”

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