MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – Who says eating healthy has to be boring and expensive?

Green Bowl Catering is a new company based in Midland. Nick the owner says his goal is to make eating healthy not only enjoyable but affordable.

“I think it’s a myth that needs to be busted that vegan food has to be expensive so I try to do generous portion sizes for the lowest price point possible.”

Chef Nick operates off of a limited seasonal menu to keep prices down.

He has a different menu item you can order on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Each item is $12 and he’ll deliver it to you free of charge as long as your order at least 5 meals.

“I just call it really good food, it’s delicious. I use a very minimal amount of processed food and I make everything that I possibly can from scratch.”

Current menu items:

Tuesdays: Taco Bowl

Wednesdays: Pasta Bowl

Thursdays: Grain Bowl

Grain bowl

Vegan food can get a bad rap, but Chef Nick says if the food is seasoned right and made with quality ingredients, the dishes will be absolutely delicious.

“I think everybody should just give it a try. A lot of people don’t realize but everybody eats vegan food every day, like bread is vegan, avocado is vegan.”

His pasta dish even includes meatballs that you wouldn’t event realize don’t have meat!

Vegan spaghetti and meatballs

For a look a closer look at his menu or to place an order visit Green Bowl Catering’s website.