ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – For much of the pandemic there’s been a shortage of nurses on the frontlines.

Graduating UTPB nursing students could be the solution to this important worker shortage. They know they’ll be jumping in right away to the medical workforce.

One of the most valuable resources to fight this pandemic are the nursing students themselves.

Students presented their capstone projects in a culmination of their education throughout nursing school. A lot has changed since they first started which will be a lesson they carry with them into their new jobs.

“With going through this entire program and everything, it lets us get a proper understanding of stuff changes all the time with nursing and in the world,” said UTPB nursing student Christopher Ibarra.

These students are extremely aware of the need for more front line health care workers in a pandemic. Instead of seeing COVID-19 as an obstacle, some see it as a situation that will actually help them.

“The pressure is there for sure but I think it’s also making us better developed as nurses right off the bat,” said UTPB nursing student Destiny Walker.

“It’s intimidating but it’s prepared us for what’s to come.”

More than ever this is a time where people want trusted answers from health care professionals. Giving the right information in a timely manner to both doctors and patients will be crucial for these soon-to-be nurses.

“Speaking to the family, speaking to the doctors and everybody else it’s just going to be all about communication,” said Ibarra.

“The simplest details actually make the difference.”

Now that they’re graduating, many of these students will start working on their masters or their new jobs in hospitals as they begin their medical careers.