In an area where oil reigns supreme, two colleges are teaming up to produce the most qualified engineers in the Permian Basin. 

UTPB and Midland College signed an articulation agreement Monday afternoon that will combine classes from both schools in their degree plan. 

Midland College President Steve Thomas says this will allow students that take their basic classes at his college and then transfer those credits to UTPB. 

“They’re able to downsize their tuition and fees because ours are much less than the university. Then, they transfer and they’re right there with the juniors and seniors,” said Thomas. 

For oil towns in West Texas, UTPB President Sandra Woodley says engineers are always in high demand. 

“Honestly, I mean this is one of the most important areas of energy literally in the entire world,” said Woodley. 

Woodley says this partnership will help create more homegrown engineers. 

“If we could reach more of those students, then they will successfully stay and achieve what’s possible here,” said Woodley. 

With the new UTPB engineering building set to open in the fall of 2019, Woodley hopes to see well trained students that can apply their skills anywhere. 

“That our engineering programs in the Permian Basin are going to be so special and so significant that we’ll be able to produce engineers tht go beyond the supply that’s needed in the Permian Basin,” said Woodley. 

The agreement will go into effect immediately. 

Both presidents told Local 2 / FOX 24 that they plan to maintain this agreement for the long run.