Update: Two Odessa Firefighters’ suffer heat-related injuries due to house fire and burns once again


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar)-At around one this afternoon a house fire broke out in the 1300 block of Redbud Ave.

“I started hearing like a weird noise and I told her to wake up, we started smelling like burning so we came outside and we saw the smoke in the air.” Yareli Tarango said.

Neighbor, Tarango said that she thought it was her friend’s mom who had burned something in the kitchen but then she realized she was not home.

Nonetheless, the fire was put out, and although the home did suffer major damages no one who lived in the home was hurt.

Two of the firefighters who were assisted in putting out the fire were taken to the hospital for heat-related injuries.

Firefighter, Erik Brown said “When its this hot and humid just for us as firemen its like us being in our winter coats and in addition to the heat and everything else that is going on,”

Firefighters face this challenge every time they work during a hot, humid day.

Captain Tony Reyes said firefighters who compromise themselves in the heat feel zapped of all their energy and can even suffer from muscle cramps.

As summer heats up the more dangerous it is for firefighters.

“I mean us firemen conditioning and hydration’s two of our main things, so its something you always have to be mindful of and be ready for,” Brown said.

A few hours later the home caught fire once again.

Firefighters showed up and put the fire out twice.

No one living in the home was hurt.

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