UPDATE: Jurassic Jungle


An update of the much-anticipated Jurassic Jungle spray ground in Odessa. 

After recent hail storms, the structure sustained a lot of damage.

“Fortunate to have a very competent contractor on site. They were quick to get a game plan together and we had the fabricators all the way from Canada that originally built all the structure itself , they were down here. You cant tell that there was any blemishes on that structure.”says Steve Patton, Odessa Parks and Recreation Director. 

Forcing the opening date to be delayed.

A month later, and a new open date has not been schedule.

Walking up to the large structure it  looks complete, however a few more steps need to be taken.

“The structure itself and everything above ground, what we are testing is everything below  ground the piping, testing all the water pressure and stuff,” says Patton.

Tuesday marks the first day of water testing and trouble shooting.

Patton seeming hopeful by the site of the water hitting the pavement.

 “I get to go out there and I get to see it in real life. Then you look down and you see those kids having the time of their life, for something that your hand did, its the most incredible feeling that I could ever have,” says Patton.

From pencil and paper, to running water and moving parts.

This 2.5 million dollar project is still on track budget wise. dispite setbacks.

 ” We are getting I think a great value for that tax payers dollars for this facility. Its going to be a spray ground unlike any other in west Texas, and I’m very excited about that,” says Patton.

Workers have completed repairs and are now working on making up lost time.

Patton says if all the tests run smoothly, we should know an open date soon.

“We don’t have a formal announcement just of yet but we are very close and I’m hoping within the next few days that we will have all of our trouble shooting complete and I will be able to announce an opening date,” says Patton.


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